Hourly Rates

Effect January 1st 2014

Normal Priority High Priority (< 10 days) Urgent (<48 h)
695 SEK (~75 €) excl. VAT Hour rate * 2 Hour rate * 3

After 20 hours a rebated price of -10% are received on time that follows after the first 20 hours. This goes per project.

Charging effective work hours only using time tracker. Final charge time is rounded up to the following half/whole hour. Minimum charge time 60 min.

Please note we do accept high priority assignments. Rates for jobs within 10 days are charged twice the standard rate, and immediate jobs within 48 hours are charged three times the standard fee.

When hiring external services an additional remuneration of 15% will be charged.

The rates are not for work intended to be sold or distributed by the client. For such work quote for price.